Iron Tree Forge
Traditional Blacksmithing and Historical Crafts
Armour has been one of my main interests since 2003, esspecially the styles from the late 15th into the early 17th centuries.

In my armour I strive to use only period correct techniques and finishes - drawing much insperation from munition grade and other "unwhite" ie un polished armour. I feel it shows my creative process and stands out in the crowd of highly polished imports that one sees in many modern living history and combat societies. I have collected research from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and continuing my research with each project I feel I can make reproductions that are outside of the norm seen today by many armourers.

As I love the odd ball and each piece that I make is different (including the size a shape of the customer), please contact me for a quote

Select pieces of armour I have made in the past

14th century Basinet with turnament visor, I made to go a long with a full suit of Churburg armour in 2004. Sadly I don't have pictures of all of it together
16th century Burgonet made from multiple pieces using only historically correct techniques
16th century munitions breast and back with painted cross and proof mark (bullet dent)
Copy of an original 15th century Sallet that had been retrofitted a Burgonet brim in the 16th century
16th century double billed Sapper pot, fully lined with leather and linen