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Bowie Knives
Though the term Bowie Knife is now used for any large knife with a clip point, I use it in the original sense as the large fighting knives of the mid 19th century. Often Bowie Knives of the period did not have clip points, have sword like D-shaped guards, and other features not normally seen in modern knives.
There is a lot of history of Bowie knives being made by blacksmiths at the beginning of the American Civil War - all shapes and sizes (some large enough to be termed swords), and differing degrees of craftsmanship. I try to capture the quintessential American experience with my Bowie Knives, either historical or modern.
The above Bowie Knife is an exact copy (reproduction) of a Civil War Bowie in a privet collection. 19 inch blade forged from a large 19th century file. Browned iron triple D-guard, with Buffalo horn and brass handle. Sheath is made of hand painted hot-dip tin.
This Bowie Knife is a copy (reproduction) of a Blacksmith made knife at the beginning of the Civil War (pictured in the book Echos of Glory, shown). Spring steel "tooth pick" blade, fluted bronze D-guard, and rough curly maple handle.
This Bowie Knife I titled "Old Hickory"
The 22 inch blade is forged and file finished. Iron D-guard with wire and hickory handle. Sheath and guard are decorated with traditional Cherokee bleeding heart motifs
Western Bowie Knife with Spanish "Cock Spur" blade, Coffin handle of curly maple and bronze hardware.
Giant Bowie Knife with 22 inch forge finished blade, wrought iron swept guard and antler handle.
Modern Bowie Knife with pattern welded blade, forged bronze D-guard, antler and cocobolo handle.