Iron Tree Forge
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Cooking knives
Each knife I make is made to order. To add options to the handle, blade, or sheath - please refer to my custom page
Cooking knives - light thin blades for fast chopping and slicing. Made of the finest steels for longevity of the sharpened edge, sealed American hardwoods for the handles, based on traditional designs that have proven themselfs with years of use.


I make a few styles to choose from

Single piece choppers. Forged from a single round bar (notice the bolster and the end of the handle, these are the original bar) of high carbon steel. Forge finished, the edge ground and polished. Fully heat treated for edge retention.
Carbon steel choppers. One piece blades and bolsters made from high carbon steel, for the best edge retention. American hardwood handles, sealed and then finished with traditional water proof pine varnish
Damascus Choppers. Different steels (all with different qualities that help the blade) fused into one piece under very high heat. Damascus gets its name from the swords the crusaders found that could cut through other swords... Same at the cutting board - an unstoppable steel. I have to make the material by hand, layering and folding each piece until the blade has 200 to 1000 layers.