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Eastern Knives
Eastern knives is very broad term... I am lumping a lot of cultures and their individual styles of knives on one page.  Not because I do not admire their high craftsmanship, but throughout my studies I have ended up mostly doing European and American styles, designs, and research. It takes a life time of study to produce a perfect Japanese blade in their traditional style, I have played with a few of their aesthetics to incorporate techniques into my regular work (such as heat treating hamons, temper lines, special alloys, metal cladding, to name a few) though I am no master of their techniques as a whole.
There are often Eastern knife designs that are not seen historically in the West, these are often known as the very best design for a given task; Kiridashi, Bolo, Kukri, Katana, Yanganhiu to name a few.
The above knife is a Japanese Kiridashi (both sides pictured to show the Japanese asymmetrical grind) or "utility knife". Solid laminated steel with copper cladding and tarred seinde twine knot
This a Kukri knife made famous by the Gurkha soldiers of the British army.  Some place between a sickle and a machete it is an amazing design for cutting through vegetation 
This is another Kukri I did, a little more modern aesthetics - Pattern welded steel blade of "smoke on the water" pattern, Bronze mounts, maple burl and ebony handle
Ottoman Dagger - a mix of Europe and Asia. Laminated steel blade, Red Brass mounts, Tiger stripe handle