Iron Tree Forge
Traditional Blacksmithing and Historical Crafts
Firearms - matchlocks, flintlocks, percussion and other historical systems of making and firing a gun is fasinating to me. The art one finds in old firearms is amazing, they are not just tools and the workmanship and styles are exactly what I try to produce in all my work. Naturally I learned from an old man how to do it right in the Southren Mountain tradition; I hand carve the stocks and finish them with traditional stains. I hand forge all the hardware, and can even make my own barrels and locks.

My firearms are one of a kind piece of functioning art. They all fire, They all hit their marks

Select firearms I have made in the past

Pennsylvania Kilder rifle. 54 cal flintlock
Southren Moutain gun named "Pete". 20g shootgun or 62cal smooth barrel flintlock
Southern Mountain Poorboy gun. 42cal percussion