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Quotes, Pricing and Returns
​Ordering a project from me is basically a dialogue between myself and the purchaser. I like to do this via email, so that we both have a writen record of the order, research and ideas we have communicated. I like getting to know my customers, and feel that this dialogue is one of the highlights of the process! The way it works is that the purchaser typically finds something on my website or through some other publication and I give a price quote for that piece or some modification of it. I’m open to doing projects to the specs of the purchaser as long as it fits my style or is a historical piece.

Because of the high demand for my work and to be fair to all my clients, I do not accept rush orders. Projects will be completed in the order that payment is received. When an order is placed I try to give a time estimate, but things do happen! Equipment breakdowns, mistakes in the work, family sickness, holidays, etc. I try to take all that into account, but like I said… things happen! I will not rush my craftmenship nor do sloopy workmanship to push a project through. Please be patient - You are only getting the best

Client Set Price

The client sets their own budget or "highest bid"
In custom pieces it is much easier for the client just to tell me what they want to pay. I will design the piece to that amount of labor and materials.


Contact me for official Quotes. Quotes only last 1 month after issue date. Quotes are subject to change

Once order is agreed upon

I ask for 50% down payment to put the order on my books. Please note: I will not take full payment at the beginning of the project - this is for the both of our's safety. The down payment covers design, layout, research, material, etc. Once the project is started and all of the above has taken place, down payment is non refundable.
I only accept Paypal at this time. If snail mail is preferred -  money order (please add 3% to total. and make it out to John Logan)
If sketch is requested, an additional charge of $50 will be added to the order

When project is finished

The purchaser will see final photos before final payment is due. It is at this time if the purchaser finds something wrong with project, ie I have forgoten something or there is a divience from the original order, it is the purchasers responceablity to point out his/her concerns at this time. I will do everything in my power to fix the problem(s). Depending on the servarity of the problems (and in the unlikely event the the project will have to be remade) some extra charges may be added to the final payment due. Once final payment is recieved the project will be shipped to the purchaser.


If you are un-happy with what I have custom made for you - I will remake the item on trade with the original item. You will pay shipping both ways. If project is customized to the purchaser and unsellable to anyone else all returns and warranties are void.


Once project is started (including research, and/or purchasing material) down payment is non refundable. If project has not been started, a refund up to full amount, minus a restocking fee and any labor cost will be rewarded to the purchaser

Legal & warranties

My work is guaranteed for life (while I, Iron John Logan, am still living). I will replace or repair any issues that arise resulting from my own craftsmanship as long as the project is used in a manner consistent with it’s intended use. Until final payment is recieved, project is the sole property of, I, Iron John Logan or other including titles . After final paymet and shipment, I, Iron John Logan keeps all rights to photos and other media pertaining to the project

If purchaser communicates threats of any kind, charges back or otherwise removes down payment; the project will be stopped and purchaser looses all rights to the project, materials and all other items relating to the order.