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Timothy Alan Collver

You also do-do windmills? What.... like poop on them?
Bruce MacLachlan

An extraordinary work of art.  Several friends pooled our resources to purchase a pipe tomahawk from Iron John Logan for a friend's 60th birthday.   We could not have been happier or more satisfied with the result. Iron John was easy to work with, he was extremlely helpful in advising us on design options, and he researched historical records to build a unique gift that was true to form.  His prices were entirely reasonable, and he delivered the gift on time.  Iron John combines superior design and craftsmanship skills with a commitment to historical authenticity and customer satisfaction.  The iron work was fantastic.  The woodwork and inlays on the handle were simply amazing.  He was helpful and responsive throughout the transaction.  He is a rare talent who is committed to the highest standards in his work.  I would highly recommend Iron John Logan to anyone who is looking for a unique blade or piece of metal work.  This transaction was a 10 on a scale of 10.

Caleb Barber

I've had my Iron John Logan tomahawk through two seasons so far and continue to be mightily impressed. It's an ideal tool for splitting tinder, making tent stakes, light hammering, and more. Even better, when the campsite is complete, it can be thrown into stumps for hours. When it's time to hit the trail in the morning, the 'hawk is easy to access from the custom left-hand sheath John made capably from a loose description of what I wanted.

The tomahawk strikes a perfect balance between form and function: it's beautiful enough to cherish, but tough enough that it demands use. Recently, I was trimming down some loose branches in the yard when a neighbor asked if I'd like to borrow a saw. I replied, "Why would I want a saw? I've got a tomahawk" and happily went back to my labor.

Chase Standifer 2012

I originally saw the pictures of this knife that John posted on Facebook and immediately knew I had to have it. My wife received the knife for me while I was deployed to Afghanistan so it was several months before I could actually get my hands on this beauty.

The craftsmanship put into this knife is obvious at first glance. the Handle is beautifully sculpted and finished curly maple and ebony with a brass pommel and hilt. The handle fits my hand perfectly and the knife is balanced a little forward of the hilt which I find helps with momentum while chopping.

The blade is a gorgeous damascus pattern that almost looks like moving mercury in the light.The blade is a little of 9" long 1/4" thick at the hilt tapering down smoothly to the tip. It is a little smaller than a traditional kurkri but I feel that it is an excellent size for bush work where you aren't needing to use the knife for the traditional Gurka fighting.

Last but not least is the sheath that John included. The leather is beautifully dyed, tooled, and shaped to fit the blade perfectly. The stitching is perfect and could have been done by a machine if I didn't know better.

I cannot say enough about John's work. This knife is a perfect example of his craftsmanship. It amazes me that this thing was created by hand. He is an artist and makes some of the most beautiful yet functional knives I have seen and used. I am moving to Alaska next month and this knife will surely be by my side as I head out into the woods.

Michael Alesia, October 2012

Dude, you are like the Davinci of metal!
Absolutly prefect! John and I worked together, researching munition grade armour of the 16th century. Had lengthy emails of we liked about certain pieces, how they were constructed, and finished. John is amazing at transilating what he sees in a photo to a sheet of steel! I love that he made something true to the originals rather then what is normally seen in modern reenacting!

Larry B Weeks, April 2012

"I have long wanted a smoothbore Flintlock, and when I got serious about buying one Iron John came to mind - he could make one!
I called him, we discussed why I wanted the gun, how I was going to use it, and what type would be best. He asked about the history and style that I wanted, and what caliber. There were many phone calls, e-mails and messages on FaceBook.
He kept me posted as the work progressed. We decided on a 62 Caliber (20 gauge) smoothbore barrel, southern mountain style for the stock and hardware. A commercial lock made by L&R, so that when something broke I could get parts.
He worked on it along with his other work, sending me pictures so I was kept in the loop at all times. He would ask questions as they arose, "what style of trigger guard?", "heel plate or no?". We worked together, I could tell it was as much as his piece as mine.
I now have a very period correct smoothbore that I can use in reenactment or just go hunting. It is fun shoot, a really great 62 caliber round ball or buck shot, even bird shot. Would have him built me another? You bet I would....Thanks again John"

David Jowett, September 2012

The knives have exceeded my expectations. The are beautiful, I can't wait to give them to my groomsmen. If I or anyone I know has any need for anything metal you will get our business. It's nice to know in this new world of foreign crap goods you can still get something made by hand in America.
Meghan Sanders, Augest 2012

Two knives for two brothers. One folding knife for the groom and one folding knife for the brother of the groom given the day of the wedding. Iron John's work looked beautiful, simple, and strong. I wanted tools as much as I wanted folding knives. I contacted John with a very simple idea and left most of the details up to him. He worked hard down to the last minute, keeping me updated with the progress of the project. The smooth handles of curly locust look like gold with honey poured over them. The blades are strong and sure. They are beautiful pieces of art; perfectly forged steel; tools that get used daily; and a memento of one spectacular day in August. Thank you!

Leigh Tyson. May 2012
Your knives are gorgeous! I'd like to get one for my husband as an anniversary present...

The knife arrived and it is gorgeous! My husband is going to love it. Thank you so much.
Shawn Swart. April 2012
Received my folding knife today. It is outstanding and heavy duty. I believe this is the knife that will stand up to me! lol!!! Thank you John so much. It is a real treat.

Max Wolf. January 2012
I am very pleased with the conversion of my Brown Bess flint lock to a percussion lock. John did a great job copying the lock plate in order to use the parts from the existing flint lock. The craftsmenship is top notch while achieving the look and feel of an original conversion. I can't wait to take it out on the field and use it for the 150th anniversary Civil War events.
Ted Dearing, Battle Creek Parks and Recreation. May through August 2011
I had the pleasure of working with John recently on the restoration of a historic wrought iron gate at Hamilton Park in Battle Creek, Michigan. I found John to be very responsive and his craftsmanship was outstanding. This particular gate was very important to the neighbors living around the park and they are thrilled with John's completed work. John was perfect for the project and the neighborhood has a renewed pride and appreciation for the park because of the restored gate.
Christopher Schaller. Addendum to review. May 2011
I am extremely impressed with Iron John's desire to make his customers happy. The first knife he made me had a handle that was too small for my hand, and when I asked about how it could be enlarged, he offered to replace it with a knife with my specific dimensions. The replacement was just as good looking as the first and felt like a truly custom knife. I will definitely do business with Iron John in the future.
Christopher Schaller. April 9, 2011
Iron John went into great detail with me about exactly how I wanted my knife to look. He explained the processes with which he would produce the various parts of the knife and sheath and treated me fairly. When I received the knife a couple weeks later, it was exactly what he had described, and what I had desired. If you're giving him dimensions you want in a knife, be sure to include dimensions for the handle as well. Mine fits my hand comfortably, but is just a little too short (I have pretty broad palms). The brass, woodwork, and forging were all very high quality in this knife and I am hoping to get a Damascus Steel knife from him in the next few years.
Jimmy Lowe. March 16, 2011
I have known John for about 5 years. I called him up and discussed an idea for a "Manly grizzly bear killing bowie knife" that I wanted him to make. Over the course of about a week or two we came to a consensus on a final design. It was to be a 9 1/2" Damascus bowie knife with an elk tine handle and a Bronze D guard. I cannot express the ease of communication with John in the design process all the way through to payment for the piece.

I have a very good grasp of how John works, what he can do with metal, and how much of his heart he puts into combining materials into lasting functional pieces of art. Still, there is absolutely nothing that could have prepared me for what I saw when I opened my package. It was the finest knife I have ever seen someone hand produce. I am very proud to own such an exquisite example of a bowie knife. Not only did John completely understand what I wanted through our conversations over the telephone, He went WAY above and beyond to make this knife a lasting piece, one that I hope to someday pass on to my own son.

I am proud to recommend anything John does. He is a brilliant master craftsman who can literally produce almost anything you can think of by hand, and with care. He is incapable of NOT producing anything top of the line, he simply cannot let anything go out of the door of his shop that is not of a professional quality that I (and others) have come to expect. He is not kidding around when he says "You Dream it, I Will Make it."
Bill Forster. February 15, 2011
"I have known John for several years, working with him summers. I have always know about John's talent as a blacksmith, and he has even tried to help me learn how to do somethings. When I was looking for a unique gift for my groom's men, I thought a nice knife would do the trick. I contacted John, I gave him a vague description of what I wanted and I was not disappointed. The knives came out better then I expected, and I expected only the best from John. I'm already trying to figure out what I can get him to make me next, I have my eye on one of his black power guns. You can tell John loves what he does by the quality of his work.

"The knives are very well made, and I was able to put a razor sharp edge on it in 5 min. I recommend anything John does."