Iron Tree Forge
Traditional Blacksmithing and Historical Crafts
I have researched and studied many historical examples, and have dicovered a few different techniques for producing one-of-a-kind historical reproductions. Though, like everything I do, I can custom make exactly what you want.

 The tomahawk is a small ax or hatchet that was a popular trade item with the Native Americans. Evolving into many different forms,  by the 19th century it was synonymous with the whites interaction with Indian Peoples. it could either be a tool, weapon, or ceremonial object.

I once read "some men prefer a large knive, and others prefer a small axe when they are living in the woods" Like my knives, a tomahawk can be as useful or as pretty as the client desires, though some designs work better for certain uses (such as throwing - where balance and weight are very important), You Dream It - I'll Make It

Tomahawks start at $100 + style, decoration, custom handle, inlay, etc

The head

There are a few distinct styles of heads, namely the "wrapped eye" and  Pipe and Spike hawks. Wrapped eye is made by wrapping the iron or steel that will make the body; starting from the bit around the the eye and back to the bit: Forge welding the bit closed and adding steel for the edge. Pipe and spiked tomahawks are made from a solid piece with the eye slit and drifted out of the center, steel forge welded in for the edge, and if needed in the spike. Historically many pipe hawks were also made from rifle barrel.
The Head can be made a few different ways, asides from the style (wrapped eye, pipe or spike), I can use modern mono steel (one piece), historical construction with modern steels, or historical throughout with an iron body and steel edge, I can also makes heads historically from rifle barrel. There is also design - Eastern wood land, Western plains, French, trade etc. Design shapes the layout and final feel of the Tomahawk. google these terms or contact me and I will tell you more
The above Pipe Tomahawk was made from .50 caliber rifle barrel, historically constructed with steel edge, chasing work along the borders and the eight pointed start in the bit. ultra curly maple traditionally stained, brass face inlay. it is of the North Eastern Woodland design. smokeable
This Tomahawk, though also of the pipe style is solid (not smokeable) so that the back or pull can be used as a hammer. It is in the Neo-classical style and decorated with Alchemical motifs


For throwing hawks I recommend commercially made tomahawk handles. It is easy to break a handle if one misses the target and at only a few dollars each, sliding a new one in the eye is not a problem. These handles have a "teardrop" shaped eye area that naturally fits the wrapped style head.

I also make custom handles

Highly figured woods (curly, tiger stripe, etc), certain shapes, inlay, carving etc. also if it is a smokable pipe hawk it has to have a custom hollow handle
This Pipe Tomahawk is made historically with wrought iron head and steel bit, etched and hand engraved with traditional Cherokee designs. The handle is quilted maple with Marlyn's gold (Red Brass) amd silver inlay that are hand engraved, final touches of silver wire inlay. smokeable


Metals such as Silver, German Silver (white brass), Bronze, Yellow brass, Nugold (Red brass), or even gold can be hand cut and inlayed into the wood of the handle. This technique involves cutting an exactly fitting hole into the handle to hold the inlay. Other techniques are wire inlay and poured Pewter inlays.
This Tomahawk and knife set have matching historical iron and steel construction, Oxblood stained curly maple handles and poured Pewter inlays.

Engraving, Etching, Chasing, Metal inlay, and other Metal Decoration techniques

There are many ways of decorating the head of a Tomahawk. Depending on design and what the customer wants I can recommend what technique would work / look the best. I do all these techniques by hand in a traditional manner.
This Tomahawk is wrapped-eye and pinned for long life as a camp axe. It has a hand Engraved monogram of the customer's and his wife's initials

Non-Traditional / Art Tomahawks

The traditional Tomahawk is such an icon in today's modern age, often there is a need for something that is non-traditional. Something that is purely art, usable or display. I have done many non-traditional Tomahawks for Military Awards, Presentations, and other cases where my art is sought over traditional designs.
Above is a Tomahawk titled "The Seer of Visions"
It was made for a man that has spent his life working with Native Peoples all over the globe. I drew inspiration from many sources: the Pacific Northwest, Ancient Mesopotamia, Norse mythology, Paleolithic Southwest.
The head is forged from Wrought iron found along the Santa Fe Trail, in the style of ancient Bronze age axes. The head is decorated with chased Cuneiform script and engraved Raven and Sun. The handle is made from a piece of 200 year old reclaimed white oak naturally colored by absorbed mineralization. Handle and scabbard are wrapped with aged raw hide, also decorated with Sun symbols.
This Tomahawk was a presentation for a retiring US Navy Commander. His units logo is on the left. I recreated the logo with a cast Bronze head with a Brass metal inlay of the Tomahawk missile, sand blasted Ash handle with raw hide wraps.
I made this Tomahawk and display stand for the US Army 2nd Division's 50th anniversary of protecting the DMZ in Korea. The head is forged from military scrap, color case hardened and engraved with the unit logo. Wire inlay and inlayed engraved plaque commemorating the event. (on permanent public display in the US 2nd Divisions museum in Seoul South Korea)